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Dear Reader
We at I GETU TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD created a massive webportal www.tellmeboss.com that in turn needs numerous medium and complex tools to be developed and tested to provide various world class services to the entire world. www.tellmeboss.com is the only platform for both personal and business needs.
We have studied and experienced about growing gap between qualified college out comers and industry that has always high expectations from employees for providing solutions for both domestic and international clients. There is a situation always created like organizations need experienced professionals at low cost where as freshers badly need right job work to gain experience.
Unless you apply your knowledge in real time you do not experience anything and thus won’t be able speak technically and naturally. Interviewers usually focus on your projects done, how far you have understood the project, technologies used and your problem solving skills.
To fulfill the above gap and reduce our cost for development we have created a platform where it facilitates you work remotely on ‘Pay N Work’ basis to gain real time experience. Your intensively tested deliverables will be used and go live. You are requested to read the process for this model.
News Article: Hyderabad Deccan Chronical, Dt. Tue 07 August 2012
‘Qualified’ are just not able to go from college to cubicles. Industry leaders explain ‘The Huge Gap’ and why graduates are just mostly ‘useless’.
Student X, despite low marks, secure seat after spending lakhs.
Student X then “mugs up” to “just pass”
During interview, big companies find Student X full of outdated, text book information, without real-world skills, and an individual who adds no value to a workplace.
Lakhs spent in securing education now turn a burden.
They’re teaching students just enough to clear the interview with us.
Why’s this the case? Why are students not able to convert their lakhs into bread and butter?
Because of the ‘gap’
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